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Spontaneous Affinity is about the communal nature of the dancefloor. It's about communication and feedback. Spontaneous Affinity isn't for the isolated bedroom producer, although we love them, too—it is for those of us who understand music and dance as one of the most powerful sources of personal growth and interpersonal empathy, who are driven by the need to support and elevate one another, and as a result experience the evolution of our creative and connective selves.

Spontaneous Affinity isn't about ego, knowledge, paraphernalia, or exclusivity of any kind. It's about pure sensation. It's about losing track of yourself and merging with a moment. It's about temporary autonomous zones and ephemeral connections. It's about forgetting to Shazam that track or fix your hair. It's about the hours far past dawn when everyone left on the dancefloor has laid their soul bare but still looks beautiful under the harshness of sunlight.

Spontaneous Affinity is not a utopian vision. It's about understanding how to let go. How to let go of a person. How to let go of a place. How to break a routine even if it hurts. How to appreciate a feeling that can't last forever as if it were eternal, and how to appreciate challenging moments—and challenging sounds—as catalysts for growth.

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Spontaneous Affinity is mostly Alyce, aka Lychee. Spontaneous Affinity doesn't really accept submissions persay (the mix backlog is already pretty large) but my ears are always open for collaborations and ideas. I also encourage anyone to recommend someone other than yourself for a mix! <3

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